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New for 2023
Are you struggling to keep up with all the new trends coming through constantly on all the social sites. This course  provides learners with everything they need to set them up to creating beautiful hair with confidence. This course will run over 12 weeks it is a fully packed course that will have you ready to build your dream clients and charge your worth because of your amazing new skill set. We recognise that going back to college to refresh or update your skill set is not always the answer. Here at Star we are always on top of the newest hair trends coming through and the courses have been designed to be current and relevant to what is popular right now.

You must have achieved your NVQ level 2 in hairdressing certificate to complete this course. Here is a brief view of what you will be learning.

  • Colouring with science
  • Blonde Star
  • Freehand
  • Lived in colours
  • Star styling
  • Instagram star
  • Star graduate
Let’s build your confidence together, this course is a game changer and will provide you with a skill set and mind set to reach your goals. Finance available

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January 9th

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