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Bleach like a star




In the battle between Bleach – v- Stylist who wins?

Bleaching and toning can be one of the scariest services to master in any salon. We’ve met many amazing professionals over the years who hold onto negative experiences around scalp bleaching. Perhaps you weren’t educated correctly, have picked up bad habits or you could be at the top of your game but want to keep abreast of current trends and the newest colouring techniques?

And, as every good stylist knows once you have fully mastered the basics it’s time to play with colour and effect.

We understand how important it is to understand the science behind and application of bleach. As a hair professional, no matter what level you’re at, if you’re not (excuse the pun) ahead with your bleaching techniques, you’re not leading in your business. Without this knowledge you will fall behind your competition, current trends and, most importantly, won’t reach your full potential.

Well, we’re here to help you shine like the star you are in all areas of your practice and removing misconception and learnt fears are business critical.

At Star Academy we are obsessed with colour and are keen to share our knowledge with you. We understand that mastering it can at times be overwhelming and even advanced professionals can be daunted. That’s why our courses are predominantly practical/hands-on. We believe that you will learn best by doing, so you can leave confidently.

What you will learn

  • In depth knowledge of the bleaching process
  • Checking hair and scalp suitability
  • Different applications with bleach
  • Toning to the correct depth
  • How often clients should book in for regrowth (and why)
  • Dealing with high expectations and how/when to say ‘no’
  • Different toning formulae

We would advise that you consider taking our Star Science course to refresh (or learn) the essentials (i.e. more than basics). An antidote to anybody who struggles with the fundamentals of bleaching and toning or who has gaps in their education. Science will inspire and give you both clarity and confidence.

Course Information

Start time: 9.30am
Finish time: 5pm

Rather than clock watching your course may run over. Please advise your train/lift/pumpkin that you might run after 5pm. This will also depend on how colour has worked for you during the day.

Additional information

Bleach dates

24th February, 9th March, 13th April, 11th May, 13th July

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